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The definition of Azur is to assist those in need. Our company is founded on a love for the IT industry and assisting others to build their vision and make it come to life.

In today’s business environment, engaging an IT support, integration and a development company like Azur Tech could be one of the best things you can do for your business. It is the fast growing age of technology! Azur Tech specializes in a variety of things that range from providing you with expert guidance on your IT system to troubleshooting problems on your current platform. We have professionals that have great knowledge of software and hardware applications, web development, app creation and manage security features, software updates and all necessary patches for your company’s workstations. We can help clients build mission-critical and complex applications that address unique business requirements and bring individualized process innovation to market specifically for your target audience.

The definition of Azur is to assist those in need. Our company is founded on a love for the IT industry and assisting others to build their vision and make it come to life. It shows in our work, our staff and our unbeatable pricing. Our office staff will be happy to dedicate any time needed to ensure all of your needs are met to the highest industry standards and all your expectations.

Azur was started in 2012 with a passion for excellence. We have been in the technology space since 2002, starting with IP connected closed captioning for the deaf/HOH community and started software development for live television, government entities, NASA, the Republican National Convention and major Universities all around the United States.

At Azur Tech, we invest the time to fully understand each client’s needs and desire, no matter how seemingly difficult that may be. We become invested in the success of our clients because can’t be successful unless our clients are. Your management team and employees need to know they can rely on the technologies their business depends upon so they can focus on their core purpose.

We implement solutions covering all the stages of the development cycle from project planning, monitoring, identification, and management of requirements and the impact on the processes, software construction, testing planning and execution, training planning and execution, solution implementation.

Our team includes Project Managers, Software Architects, Developers, Business Analysts, Testers, and UX/UI Designers. Clients are always part of these teams, on either a full time or part-time basis, always keeping you up to date on the project at hand.

We use best practices in software development, making sure the whole development process is transparent, with frequent deliveries, critiques and reviews. All projects are assigned to a Project Manager at Azur Tech to be in contact with the client’s Project Leader to ensure we create your dream result.

We have technical teams, specialized in different technologies, which can implement enhancements or corrective maintenance on production systems already in existance.


Our use of advanced technologies results in high quality and competitive solutions. The leading technologies we use in our projects are:

  • Mobile
  • va
  • AngularJS
  • .Net
  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • WordPress
  • React JS
  • React Native